MxMo XXXVI: Hard Drinks for Hard Times

Back during the fall, when Matthew Rowley suggested a topic for Mixology Monday that focused on how to drink during the economic downturn, I had a concern — namely, that by the time the next available MxMo slot rolled around (February, as it would turn out), the topic may have become obsolete. We-hell, no such luck, as the flood of pink slips and foreclosures continues to rise, so Matt: it looks like we’re good to go.

If your 401(k) has taken a beating, or if you or a spouse or friend have been laid off, or if you’re simply hanging on to your wallet for dear life, you’ve probably given some thought to how the economy is affecting your basic expenditures — such as those you make for booze. Here’s a chance to share how you’re drinking during the downturn; whether it’s affordable booze, ways you’re cutting corners, or things you’ve figured out how to mix or make on the cheap, we need to hear it.

So pull up a glass for MxMo XXXVI: Hard Drinks for Hard Times, which takes place Monday, February 16, and is hosted over at Rowley’s Whiskey Forge. Matt should have an announcement post up soon that has further details; hope to see you there.

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