MxMo XL: Ginger is June 15

I’ll avoid all the obvious XL jokes in this post, because we’re one scant week away from June’s Mixology Monday, which — in case you couldn’t figure it out from the headline — takes place on Monday, June 15.

Hosting this round of MxMo is RumDood over at, yep, And as you might expect from the blog’s name, for this round’s theme the Dood has chosen … okay, it’s not rum — we’ve already had one of those. So, instead he’s going with the next-best theme: Ginger.

Here’s how to play:

  • Find or concoct a cocktail recipe that uses ginger in one of its many forms as an ingredient.  This can be muddled ginger, sliced ginger, ginger syrup, ginger beer (commercial or homemade), ginger liqueur, ginger candy, or pieces of a shredded photo of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.
  • Make this recipe, take a picture of it, and then post the recipe, your thoughts about the recipe, and your photo on your blog or at the eGullet Spirits and Cocktails forum.
  • Post a link to your submission in the comments here, or send an email using the “Contact” form.

And that pretty much says it all. So, Monday, June 15, be here in Internet-land with some kind of gingery drink, and inform the host so he’ll know what you’ve been up to. See you then–

MxMo XXXIX: the Amari finale

Okay, so that doesn’t actually rhyme the way I’d hoped, but hey —

Anyway, many thanks to Chuck Taggart for hosting May’s edition of Mixology Monday over at The Gumbo Pages. Chuck chose Amaro as the theme, and woke up Tuesday morning to find three dozen drinks in his inbox. Well, not really, but you get my point.

Here’s Chuck’s roundup, complete with pictures & everything. Thanks again, Chuck, and you’re off the hook for hosting again until … I dunno, what’s your autumn schedule look like?