MxMo LV: Some Like it Hot

It’s late February and for most of us in the chillier parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the whole idea of “winter” is a bit old by now. But take heart: as you eye the weather report for news of the next blast of snow and tooth-cracking cold, the next Mixology Monday is coming up quick, and true to the season, the theme is “Some Like it Hot.”

This round of Mixology Monday takes place Monday, February 28, and is hosted by Nancy at the Backyard Bartender. As Nancy writes in her preview post, the theme is straightforward: “Make anything you want to, as long as it’s served hot.”

Couldn’t be easier. To participate, simply publish a post on your blog with your hot-drink recipe and if possible, a photo. Be sure to include a link to the host’s blog, as well as to the Mixology Monday site, and please include the MxMo logo in your post as a sign to your readers that you’re participating in this online party. Have everything done by the end of Monday, February 28, and don’t forget to notify Nancy of your post; contact details are in her announcement.

Bundle up, and get mixing — I hope to see your post on the next Mixology Monday.