MxMo LVI: Your Best

Ready for the spotlight? Good — because for this next round of Mixology Monday, you’re gonna be asked to show everyone your absolute favorite original drink creation — your liquid baby, your proud moment in a glass, your personal pinnacle of mixological mastery. In other words, Your Best.

This round of MxMo takes place Monday, April 11, and is hosted by Chris at Spirited Remix. As Chris says in his announcement post,

Give me the best drink recipe you’ve ever created. No, I’m not really talking about that awesome drink that you made under pressure and on the fly for your friends one evening. I’m not talking about that kickass nightcap that you whipped up using the last bits from those few bottles that you needed to throw away. I’m talking about that one drink that you’ve worked on for quite a while. The one that you’ve carefully tweaked over time until you found that perfect recipe. The one you’ve made tons of times: sometimes alone in contemplation, sometimes for a guest so that you could get their opinion. If you don’t have a drink that fits the above mold, then perhaps this is your excuse to revisit your old “original remixes”, as I call them, and decide or even tweak one to be your best. If you’ve never made such a drink before, then begin experimenting right now! I want to see what makes your taste buds tick. Use your favorite spirits or flavors. Show me what your “drink of the house” would be.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already blogged about the drink or not, or if it’s been added to the menu of bars or if it’s something that only you so far have tasted. This is an invitation to bring your best game and to share it with the other online drunks creative cocktailians, so we can all get a better idea of how each other drinks (as well as pick up some handy new drink ideas along the way).

Here’s how it works: have your drink ready by Monday April 11, and put the recipe and the drink’s story on your blog. (Be sure to include the MxMo logo and a link back to the Mixology Monday site and to the host’s site in your post.) As Chris notes, being on the early side helps, because he’s gonna take a crack at trying as many of the drinks as possible , so give the man some time to get everything together, and have some mercy on his liver for the pounding it’ll likely take on Monday.

Once your post is up, let Chris know by putting its URL in the comments of Chris’ announcement post, or by emailing him at dj.hawaiianshirt at gmail dot com. Then, on April 12, sit back and wait until Chris’ hangover subsides enough for him to finish the roundup post, then tune in and see what everybody else dug into for this round of Mixology Monday.

See you next week–

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