MxMo LIX: Beer Cocktails

It’s summer (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), the time of year when a cold, refreshing beer competes for your attention against juleps, rickeys and the other heat-busting equipment in your bar arsenal.

But sometimes, you can have both.

For July’s Mixology Monday — which takes place Monday, July 11, and is hosted by Fred at Cocktail Virgin Slut — the theme is Beer Cocktails, which is, really, just beautiful. Here’s Fred’s idea:

Beer has played a historical role in mixed drinks for centuries. ¬†[…]¬†Bartenders are drawn to beer for a variety of reasons including the glorious malt and roast notes from the grain, the bitter and sometimes floral elements from the hops, the interesting sour or fruity notes from the yeast, and the crispness and bubbles from the carbonation. Beer is not just for pint glasses, so let us honor beer of all styles as a drink ingredient.

The instructions are simple: make a drink that includes beer as an ingredient (on its own, or manipulated as you see fit — Fred’s got the details in his announcement post). Post the recipe, details about it along with a photo on your blog by July 11. Be sure to include a link to Cocktail Virgin Slut, a link to the Mixology Monday site and the MxMo logo in your post, and notify Fred of your post’s URL in the comments section to the announcement post.

Then, sit back with your beer/booze hybrid, and read the results as they come in. Couldn’t be simpler. Well, actually I guess it could, but hey, it’s all in fun.