MxMo LX: Come to Your Senses, August 15

Last month’s Mixology Monday was one of the liveliest we’ve had in a while, with participants mixing their beer with their booze in keeping with the theme of Beer Cocktails. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the roundup at host blog, Cocktail Virgin Slut, head on over.

August’s MxMo is right around the corner, with the big event taking place Monday, August 15. Hosting the event this month is 12 Bottle Bar, with the theme, “Come to Your Senses” — here’s the concept:

We all know that cocktails are supposed to taste good, and for this event, we’re going to take that as a given.  What we’re looking for, instead, are drinks that truly excite one or more of the other senses: touch, smell, sight, or even hearing.[…] For inspiration, we suggest the grand garnishes of Kaiser Penguin, the flaming fantasia of the Pegu Blog’s Halikai Hot Tub, the sonic symphony of Aviary’s Old Fashioned in the Rocks, the vivacious visuals of Scott Beattie, ingenious ice, semi-solid shots, jigglingjellies, or even – if you’re willing to go there – Pop Rock rims.  The goal, we hope, is for everyone to embrace the fun, the challenge, and the potential absurdity of the event.  It’s time to think outside the glass.

Participating is simple: just have your participating post up on your blog before Monday, August 15, and notify the host by placing a link to your post in the comments section of the announcement post. Be sure to include a photo and recipe in your post, along with a link to the host blog and to Mixology Monday, and the MxMo logo, too. Then, check in later in the week to see all the drinks that pushed the sensory experience — this should be a good one.

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