MxMo LXII: Morning Drinks, October 24

All too often, I wind up racing the clock to finish my Mixology Monday post, typing away at 11:55 pm in a dash to beat the midnight deadline. This month, I may be doing my research much earlier in the day, as the topic for October’s round of Mixology Monday is built for the daylight hours.

Sponsoring the October MxMo is our good friend Kevin at Cocktail Enthusiast, and Kevin has chosen Morning Drinks for the topic. This month’s event takes place October 24; here are Kevin’s instructions:

1. Find or create a cocktail for morning consumption. Be as creative as you want, utilizing common breakfast ingredients like orange juice and coffee, or branching out with bacon-infused spirits, eggs or stomach-settling bitters. The drink doesn’t have to be your original creation, but if you borrow, please credit your source.

2. Post your cocktail recipe and a photo on your blog, including some details on the drink. In your post, include the MxMo logo and a link back to Cocktail Enthusiast and Mixology Monday.

3. Post a link to your submission in the comments section of [the announcement] post or send it to me via email. And if you don’t have a blog, no worries. Just email me your recipe and photo following the above guidelines.

Deadline is midnight-ish on Monday, October 24 — so get mixing! Looking forward to the morning tipples y’all come up with this month.