MxMo LXIV, February 20, 2012: Tiki!

Aloha, booze bloggers — it’s been a quiet couple of months, between the holidays and the more-or-less widely observed month of Detoxuary, but we haven’t forgotten about cocktails, or our not-quite-monthly Mixology Mondays.

But it’s February, and most of our past participants live in places where this can be a gruesome month full of rain and snow and other wintry nastiness. One such regular participant is Doug Winship at Pegu Blog, and this month, Doug’s doing his best to beat back winter by designating Tiki as this month’s theme.

February’s event takes place Monday, February 20 — details from Doug’s preview post (which you should click over to so all the first-person stuff in his post makes sense):

Since Tiki is more than just the drinks, feel free to post on whatever Tiki subject floats your outrigger canoe. I suspect most of you will want to offer up delectable drinks, but feel free to wax eloquent on aloha shirts, exotica music, decor, garnishes, food or whatever else moves you to enter the Tiki spirit!

As with most Mixology Mondays, the procedure is easy:

  • Write up your exotic journey and post it to your blog or on eGullet, etc., on or before February 20th, 2012.
  • If you are currently blogless, drop me a line, and I’ll set you up an author account and you can post your offering to the gods right here. If you don’t want to figure out how, you can even email me the text and pictures, if any, and I’ll post it. But please do it early!
  • Be sure to include a link back to this post, and to the Mixology Monday site. Also include the regular MxMo logo, or you can use this thumbnail-sized version of the MxMo: Tiki logo at the top of this post. (You can steal the full-sized pic above if you like, too)
  • When your post is done, add a comment to this post and/or email me the link at D o u g (at) C o c k t a i l c a p e r s . c o m.
  • Check back to the home page here after a day or so to see all the glorious results.

Easy, eh? Just as it should be. So get shaking, and we’ll see what everyone’s up to on February 20.