MxMo LXXI, March 18, 2013: From Crass to Craft

With February having been turned upside down and inside out with the “Inverted” theme, it is time to look to March’s Mixology Monday hosted by Scott Diaz of Shake, Stain, & Sip.

The theme this month will come to fruition on March 18th and is indeed a refreshing one, for it is “From Crass to Craft.” Scott describes the fine details in his announcement post, but here is a brief excerpt:

The evolution of the cocktail has been a wondrous, and sometimes, frightful journey… But with all this focus on “craft” ingredients and classic tools & form, it seems we have become somewhat pretentious.  The focus on bitter Italian amari, revived and lost ingredients such as Batavia Arrack or Crème de Violette, the snickering at a guest ordering a Cosmopolitan or a Midori Sour has propelled us into the dark realm of snobbery… Remember, the bar was created with pleasing one particular group in mind: the guest. As such, this month’s MxMo theme… will focus on concocting a craft cocktail worthy of not only MxMo but any trendy bar, using dubious and otherwise shunned ingredients to sprout forth a craft cocktail that no one could deny is anything less.  There are a plethora of spirits, liqueurs, and non-alcoholic libations that are just waiting for someone to showcase that they too are worthy of being featured on our home and bar shelves.  So grab that bottle of flavored vodka, Jägermeister, cranberry juice, soda, neon-colored liqueur, sour mix, or anything else deemed unworthy of a craft cocktail, and get mixin’!

Perhaps that bottle is in the back of your shelf from the early days of building your home bar, or perhaps it takes the forefront for you still retain an appreciation for Galliano, Germain kräuter liqueurs, or blue tropical drinks. Or perhaps after the purge, you may need to buy, borrow, or make them. Regardless, briefly, here’s how to participate:

  • Create or find a drink that uses one or more ingredients that are not considered “craft” but are or can be used in a “craft” cocktail. Sweet & sour, coffee, cranberry juice, most flavored vodkas, Midori, X-Rated, Alize, almost anything starting with creme, etc., are all game. Also, if you want to take it a step further and reinvent a crass cocktail like the Appletini or Cosmo, please feel free (though keep in mind that a similar theme was on a previous MxMo LXIII: Retro Redemption put on by Jacob Grier).
  • Make the drink and then post a photo, the recipe, and any thoughts or commentary you have on your blog, tumblr, livejournal, or what-have-you.  If you lack one of those, find or start a thread on eGullet’s Spirits and Cocktails forum and post your drink write up there.
  • Include in your post the MxMo logo and a link back to both the Mixology Monday and Shake, Stain, & Sip sites. And once the round-up is posted, a link to that summary post would be appreciated.
  • Finally, comment on Scott’s announcement post with a link to your entry (preferred), or email him at sjdiaz-at-gmail-dot-com. Do all this before Midnight on March 18th. Scott will try to post the round up in the afternoon on the 19th.

So with that, go grab that dusty bottle of Parfait Amour, that neon bottled sour mix which never goes bad, or that Mad Dog 20/20 you haven’t considered touching since you got off of unemployment, and set to work!

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