How to Participate

Everyone is welcome to participate in Mixology Monday; just grab your cocktail shaker and jump in.

Here’s how:

  • First, check out the next event. The date and theme are listed to your left under — you got it — “Next Event“, or look on the home page for the notice of the upcoming MxMo (or make it even easier — subscribe to our RSS feed and our Twitter account. This should have the details on the event date, the topic, the host and — very important — how to notify the host that you’re taking part. To see a list of all scheduled events, check the “Upcoming Events” page.
  • Got a blog? Great — on or before the next scheduled Mixology Monday, simply put up a post on your blog related to that month’s theme. Most people like to post a cocktail recipe, others explore the ingredient with in-depth tasting notes, still others have written long meditations on the theme. Do whatever you like (as long as you keep it on the topic and in the spirit of the event); just have it up by the end of Mixology Monday, then notify the host via e-mail or in a comment on their blog
    — the host should indicate how they wish to be notified, and what information they need to have. It’d also be great if somewhere in your post you could work in the Mixology Monday logo — just snag it from the sidebar there to the left — and a link to this Mixology Monday site, as well as the host’s site. That way everybody gets some traffic, your readers can figure out what you’re blogging about, and we’re all happy in the end.
  • No blog? No problem! Thanks to our good friends at eGullet’s Spirits & Cocktails Forum, every month non-bloggers are invited to chip in their post in a designated thread on the forum. You’ll need to be signed up with eGullet; head on over there for details.
  • Then, relax — you’ve done your part. Wait a day or so, and the host will post a roundup listing all of the participating entries. Check them out, then grab your shaker and start trying the ones that catch your eye.
  • Legalize: By participating in Mixology Monday by alerting that month’s host of your blog post, you are consenting to that host’s use of that post’s photos in the host’s wrap-up post. You also have the right to opt out of their usage of your photo by stating in your alert message (via comment, email, Twitter, or other) that you do not consent to their using your images. Your photos retain their copyright, but unless you opt out, the host has fair use of them for that single summary post for the event.

Want to host an upcoming Mixology Monday? It’s a good idea to participate in one or two events before offering to host, to get acquainted with the regulars and see how the whole thing tends to work. If you’d like to host an event and have a proposed theme, drop a line to the moderator at yarm {AT} verizon {DOT} net with the word “MXMO” in the subject.

Note to brands and PR firms, the format of Mixology Monday is not especially amenable to sponsored events. If you are a PR firm or promoting a product and put MXMO in the subject, you may be subject to public ridicule or a wall of shame; at best, your email will be deleted ceremoniously.

Wall of shame:
• Kiki Braverman of Pürspirits / Pürlikör
• Frida Jackson of Affordable Mixology: A Student’s Guide
• Gem Tadefa of StickOut art
• Jessica Wood of HoneLife-dot-com
• Nick Beaven of IZEA-dot-com
• Andrea Graham of LetsGetWise-dot-com
• Sebastian Bos of RocketMill Digital Marketing working with
• Nestor Villalobos of Tudor Ice Company
• Sheila Cruz of BeverageLabels-dot-net (the Labels Group)
• Jaclyn of LiquorNearYou-dot-com